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Discover The Extensive Craft And Hobbies Range At Spotlight

Spotlight is the favourite store of many crafters out there. After all, we have one of the most affordable and most extensive collections of crafting supplies. If you have never shopped at Spotlight before and are looking for crafting supplies, be sure to read our convenient guide below.

What Can I Find In Spotlight's Art Supplies Range?

As the name suggests, our range of art supplies includes anything you could want for painting and drawing. It is the favourite category of budding artists, no matter how young or how old they might be.

Our art supplies range includes anything from paint brushes and paints to finishes, chalk and paper. No matter the specific type of art you are looking to create, you can find the necessary supplies in this category.

When Should I Use The Beads & Jewellery Range At Spotlight?

The beads and jewellery range is especially created for anyone into jewellery making or beading. As this is a popular craft that has stood the test of time, you will find that our collection includes many supplies to cater to this craft.

From metal rings to wires, beads, and jewellery-making tools, our beads & jewellery range provides them all. Spotlight only provides options from recognised suppliers, so you can trust in the quality as well as the affordability this range delivers.

What Does The Papercraft Range Include?

Papercraft is no longer a craft reserved for the youngest crafters, who often need crafting paper for their school projects. In fact, there are many papercrafts that are done by adults these days, this goes from Origami to papier mache and other interesting options.

The papercraft section at Spotlight includes some interesting papercraft supplies. We have options such as felt stickers, lever punches, cardstock, papercraft scissors and a whole lot more. If you are unsure about the crafting supplies you would need for your project, why not browse this section to see what your options are?

What Can I Find In The Basic Craft Supplies Category At Spotlight?

Our basic craft supplies range includes all those crafting supplies you use on a regular basis. If you are an avid crafter who tackles a project on a weekly basis, then this will be the category on our website you visit most.

In addition to basic craft supplies such as scissors, paper, wood, and other crafting materials and tools, you can also find the seasonal crafting supplies in this section. For example, you will find many Christmas-themed crafting supplies in this section during the holiday season. So, if you are looking for inspiration during a certain time of year, why not find your inspiration in Spotlight's catalogue?

What's Included In The Other Crafts Section?

While there are a bunch of crafts that have their own names, there are some that are invented by crafters themselves. They often have a project in mind, but it cannot really be put into a single category. If this is the case for you, then you will find the more unusual crafting supplies in the other crafts category.

Does Spotlight Provide Storage Solutions For My Crafting Supplies?

One of the most difficult things for crafters is keeping an eye on all the supplies they have. It often becomes so hard that crafters order doubles. There's nothing more annoying then purchasing supplies that you already own. So, Spotlight provides you with the best solutions in the craft storage section.

The craft storage category provides you with a large range of options to store your crafting supplies and materials. We have drawer storage units, rolling organisers, and even bar displays for jewellery. If you need some storage options that fit your particular craft for an affordable price, you are bound to find them here.

Discover Other Craft Sections At Spotlight

With so many crafts to benefit from, it is difficult to mention them all in great detail here today. Still, even if we have not mentioned your craft in this overview, be sure to check out our other sections such as yarn & knitting or the dedicated craft projects categories. At Spotlight, you will always find what you need for a fraction of the price.



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