Summer UV Resin Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:

Please list out the exact products used along with the quantities and measurements. Include specific details if there are multiple options so the customer knows exactly what to look for (eg, colours, thickness). Include brand names where suitable.

  • Ribtex Clear UV Resin
  • Ribtex UV Resin Opaque Light Blue
  • Ribtex UV Resin Opaque Pink
  • Ribtex UV Resin Pink
  • Ribtex UV Torch
  • Ribtex Silicone Alphabet Mould
  • Ribtex Silicone Earring Mould
  • Ribtex UV Resin Polymer Clay Flowers
  • Ribtex Play Jewels Wood Flowers
  • Ribtex Millefiori Flower Shape Bead
  • Ribtex Jewellery Findings Screw in Eyes
  • Ribtex Jewellery Findings Jump Rings
  • Ribtex Jeweller Findings Shepherds Hook Earrings
  • Ribtex Jewellery Accessories Key Ring


Please explain the process of making this project, breaking it down into steps to make it easier for the customer to understand. If your project has multiple parts, use sub-headings to break it up further and start from step 1 under each new sub-heading.

Refer to the Style Guide document for tips on how to write instructions.

Resin Summer Alphabet Key Chains:

Step 1- Pour a small amount of clear resin into the Ribtex alphabet mould, place in millefiori flower beads and/or polymer clay flowers into the letter.

Step 2- Fill remainder of letter with clear or colored resin.

Step 3- Leave in UV light to cure (natural sunlight or UV lamp/torch)

Step 4- De-mould your project.

Tip - Flip the mould upside down and leave under UV light to ensure both sides of your project is cured before de-moulding.

Step 5- Use a screw in eye at the top of the resin letter, open a jump ring and loop through the screw in eye.

Step 6- Using the open jump ring place on a wooden flower and close ring. On the other side of the flower add another jump ring.

Step 7- Loop onto the open jump ring the large split ring of the key chain and close.

Resin Summer Earrings

Step 1- Place into the earring mould the polymer clay flowers, pour on top the opaque light blue resin.

Step 2- Cure/ dry by placing under UV lamp/torch or near natural sunlight.

Step 3- Once fully cured the resin will no longer by tacky, de-mould from the silicone.

Step 4- Open a jump ring and thread through the top of the resin piece, thread through a wooden flower and close.

Step 5- At the other end of the wooden flower thread through another jump ring and the shepherds hook earring.

Tip - Ensure you make two at a time for the perfect pair of earrings!

Resin Summer Coaster:

Step 1- Place Ribtex Play Jewels Wooden Flowers into a coaster mould.

Step 2- Cover in clear resin to halfway, do not fill the whole mould.

Step 3- Cure/ dry by placing under UV lamp/torch or near natural sunlight.

Tip - The larger and thicker the project the longer it may take to cure.

Step 4- Once cured pour on coloured UV resin. Leave to cure under UV light.

Step 5- When fully cured the resin will no longer be sticky and can be easily de-moulded from the silicone.



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