Ribtex Findings Bracelet Project



  • JF832 Silver 25mm Magnetic
    Clasp 4 Hole
  • JF471 Silver 7mm Jump Rings
  • JF557 Silver 16mm Plastic Rings
  • JFST031 Thick Round Link Chain
  • JFT001 Long Nose Cutter Pliers


Step 1. Lay plastic rings in a row to desired length (Measure wrist for exact fit).

Step 2. Open 1x jump ring and link the first two plastic rings together. Open another jump ring and link the second and third plastic rings together. Repeat until all plastic rings are linked.

Step 3. Attach 2x jump rings to one of the end plastic rings and link to the two centre holes of the magnetic clasp (1x jump ring per magnetic clasp hole). Repeat for the other end of the bracelet.

Step 4. Cut 4 lengths of the round link chain to match the length of the plastic rings.

Step 5. Use 1x jump ring to link x2 ends of chain lengths together. Attach the jump ring to the end hole on the magnetic clasp. Follow same steps for the other end of the chain length - Repeat with the other x2 chain lengths on the other side of the plastic rings.

Step 6. There will now be two rows of round link chain, a row of the plastic rings followed by two more rows of the round link chain.

Step 7. To secure together, link a plastic ring to the chain using 1x jump ring. Repeat for each plastic ring until all are linked to chain at both ends.

Step 8. Use 1x jump ring to link the top two chains together. Repeat for other bottom two rows of chain.



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