Sculpey Valentine’s Charms Project

Level: Easy


  • A selection of Sculpey Oven Bake Clay
  • Sculpey Clay Tools
  • O-Rings
  • Jewellery Chain
  • Keychain Clasp
  • An Oven


Valentine's Bear:

Step 1 - Select your main colour for your Valentine's Bear. Break off a small amount of your clay, and gently start molding in your hands. The warmth of your hands will make the clay more flexible. Create the shape of the body, and repeat this process for the head, legs, and ears.

Step 2 - Taking a contrasting clay colour, create pads on the paws, and the snout.

Step 3 - Using a complimentary fur tone, create the insides of the ears and a patch for the bear's belly.

Step 4 - Join the pieces together by gently scoring the clay at the connection points, and then blend the clay together around the edges using your Sculpey tools.

Step 5 - Create the texture of the fur by gently scoring the fabric with your Sculpey tools.

Step 6 - Create the facial features, and Valentine's Heart with your choices of clay colours, and join to your bear. Be gentle!

Step 7 - Follow instructions, bake your Bear to set the clay. Do not overbake!

Step 8 - Once your bear has cooled, carefully screw in your O-Ring and attach your keychain using the jewelry chain.

Valentine's Heart:

Step 1 - Break off a small amount of red and white Sculpey clay. Gently warm each of these separately in your hands and roll out into a long strip. Take both pieces and twist together until they swirl. Lay out onto your workspace and gently use your fingers to knead the colours together, just enough to create a marble effect. Shape into a heart, 3-5mm thick.

Step 2 - Take a small piece of red Sculpey and roll out into a long thing strip. Using a thin Sculpey tool, press the end strip into the outer edge of the heart. Allow the remainder of the strip to sit away from the heart. Move up the strip 2-3mm and press the strip into the heart once more. You will start to see the scalloped design. Repeat this process around the edge of the heart.

Step 3 - Create a small red heart and score the connection point between this and the larger heart. Join.

Step 4 - Follow instructions, bake your Heart to set the clay. Do not overbake!

Step 5 - Once your heart has cooled, carefully create a hole using an O-Ring, remove and attach your keychain using the jewelry chain.



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