Dip Dyed Henry Curtain Project




Step 1 - Prep your curtains for dyeing by opening up the hems with a seam ripper and wash your curtains. The white thread that is on the hems won't take to the dye so we will re-hem them with a thread that matches the dye colour once the curtains are finished. You don't need to open up the hems if you are not concerned about the colour of your thread.

Step 2 - While the curtains are still damp, pin two curtains wrong-sides together and mark where you want the dye colour to go up to. Pinning the curtains together this way ensures that you will end up with two identical panels once they are finished and dyed.

Step 3 - Choose your dye colour, we used Dylon dye in Jeans Blue. Wearing the rubber gloves, mix the dye according to the directions on the package in a large plastic bucket or stainless steel sink. You may want to set up a clothes drying rack to hold the rest of the curtain while the bottoms are hanging in the dye.

Step 4 - Now you are ready to start dyeing. Dunk the bottoms of the pinned curtains in the dye up to the marks you made in step 2. If you want a gradient look you can gradually move the curtains out of the dye. Continue moving the curtains up every 15 minutes to get an ombre look. Otherwise leave the curtains dipped at the same level for 60minutes.

Step 5 - Once the 60 minutes is up, rinse the dyed portion of the curtains in another bucket of plain cold water. You may need someone to help to hold the un-dyed portion aside to avoid the dye running onto the rest of the curtain.

Step 6 - Then hang the curtains to dry making sure that the un-dyed part is kept away from the dyed portion.

Step 7 - Once dry, you can re-hem the bottoms using a sewing machine and matching thread. Or if your hems are intact give them a quick iron and they are ready to be hung.



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