Semco Macrame Wall Hangings Project


Step 1 - Start by cutting 8 strands of macrame cord, each roughly 80cm long.

Step 2 - Find the centre of the rope and create a loop. Place the loop over the rod and pull the cord tails through the loop to secure in place. Repeat with each piece of rope so you have all 8 cords secured onto the rope.

Step 3 - Starting on the left hand side, pull the end cord diagonally across the front of the other cords. Then start tying diagonal half inch knots (see diagram below), working from the left into the centre. Each cord needs to be tied twice. Stop once you reach the centre.

Step 4 - Repeat this process on the other side, starting from the right tying half inch knots into the centre working on a diagonal angle. This will complete the first V row, to create a diagonal clove hitch knot.

Step 5 - Now repeat step 3 to create a 2nd row in the V pattern. But when you get to the centre leave the last cord (the lead cord from the first V row) hanging and do not complete a knot on it as you will connect it with the next row on the right hand side. Instead take the leading cord from the right hand side V and complete the 2 knots on this cord to finish the row. This is what will bring your 2 sides together to create one continuous V shape.

Step 6 - Repeat step 4 on the right side to create the 2nd row on that side and again once you reach the last cord leave it and instead do the knots on the lead cord that was left on the left hand side.

Step 7 - Repeat all of these steps to create the 3rd and final row of the V design.

Step 8 - Once you have finished the V design and tied all your knots, use a comb or your fingers to pull apart the cord to create the fringe ends. Then use scissors to cut them into the diagonal shape to mirror the V design.

Step 9 - To finish cut 1 more piece for each colour to hang your piece from, roughly 40cm long. Secure the cord to both ends of the wood and hang together to create a beautiful wall hanging.



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