Lampshade Covering Project



  • Plain lamp shades
  • Furnishings Fabric
  • Pencil/pen
  • Large sheet of paper (kraft or butchers paper)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Pegs


Step 1. To make the pattern for your lampshade lay your paper down on a flat surface. Place lampshade seam side down and slowly roll across the paper, tracing both the top and the bottom with a pen or pencil as you continue rolling to the seam again.

Step 2. Once you have traced off your pattern, cut out and pin onto fabric.

Step 3. Add about an inch around the pattern and carefully cut out of fabric.

Step 4. Lay your fabric right side down on the table. Using fabric glue, draw a line of glue down the seam of your lamp shade and smooth fabric over the glue.

Step 5. Then draw a line of glue along the outside top and bottom of the lampshade and slowly roll your fabric on. Making sure to smooth down the fabric as you go to ensure it is going on smoothly and sticks to the glue.

Step 6. Once the shade is covered with fabric, glue down the seam to finish. You may wish to fold the fabric seam allowance under and then glue down to finish it neatly.

Step 7. Draw a line of glue around the top inside edge of the lampshade and turn the extra fabric down to adhere to the glue. Use pegs to hold in place while it dries.

Step 8. Repeat this process with the bottom inside edge and allow to dry fully with the pegs in place.

Step 9. Once dry, remove the pegs and place on lamp to finish!



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