How To Make Tab Top Curtains Project



Note - Reading 'Curtain Fabric Calculation' guide before purchasing your fabric.


Step 1 - Step 1 - Measure the width and drop of your window. Fullness required for tab top curtains is 2 x the width of your window, add 20cm to each drop for bottom and top hems. Then square up the end of fabric.

Step 2 - 2 x the width of your window. Cut across the width of the fabric for required number of drops. Use a chalk line to ensure a straight edge. Remove 5-10mm of the selvedge from each drop before sewing the curtains together.

Step 3 - To sew multiple drops together, place two drops together with right sides facing and pin along the long edge. Sew. Repeat for all drops.

Step 4 - Measure the gap the very top of the curtain rod to the very top of the window so your curtains cover the top of the window.

Step 5 - To determine how many tabs you need (one at each end and then a tab every 7-10cm between) or divide finished width of curtain by the spacing measurement of your tabs, then add one. For example, a 45cm finished curtain width with tabs spaced at every 9cm, you will need six tabs (45cm curtain width / 9cm + 1 = 6 tabs).

Step 6 - To cover the raw edge left after sewing on the tabs use a strip of fabric as facing, 10cm wide x curtain width, plus 5cm.

Step 7 - Making tabs: The length is determined by the distance from the tab to the curtain x 2 + circumference of the rod + seam allowance. Width will be determined by how many tabs you want x the distance between each tab.

Step 8 - Fold each tab in half lengthwise with right side facing and pin down the side. Sew together using a 1.3cm of seam allowance. Then, Press the seam and then turn the tab right-side out. Position the seam in the centre and press.

Step 9 - Fold side edges of curtain over 2.5cm to wrong side and press. Fold over another 2.5cm and press. Topstitch at 1.9cm and press to finish.

Step 10 - Measure desired spacing for tabs and mark the centre of each tab using tailor's chalk. Fold the tabs in half (seam on the inside) and place on the curtain aligning raw edges of tab with raw edge of curtain top. Pin tabs in place. Sew each tab to top of curtain 1.3cm from edge.

Step 11 - Fold in ends of the facing strip 2.5cm to match curtain width and press. Fold bottom edge up 1.2cm and press again. With right sides facing, place the strip of the fabric at the top of the panel and pin. Sew across the top using a 1.2cm seam allowance.

Step 12 - Open out and iron so tabs face upwards. Press the facing piece down onto curtain with tabs facing upwards.

Step 13 - Pin facing in place and sew the bottom edge of the facing to the curtain. Then sew along the side, across the top and down the other side.

Step 14 -Hang curtains to check the hem and adjust if necessary. To create a double hem, fold under 10cm and press, and then fold under another 10cm and press. Topstitch across the top edge of the hem. Your new curtains are ready to hang.



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