Christmas Crowns Project

Level: Easy

Crowns measure approx. 54cm

What you'll need:

  • 30cm Christmas Fabric
  • 60cm Flex Foam Stabilizer Fusible Wadding
  • 70cm x 9mm Grosgrain ribbon
  • Matching Gutermann thread
  • 60cm x 20cm Cardboard for template
  • Frixion marker
  • Pins, tape measure
  • Scissors , small sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.



To create your template, draw a 9cm square and add a 9cm high triangle to the top.

This is one section of the template. Trace 6 sections onto the cardboard.

For a smaller crown trace 5 sections onto cardboard.

Step 1 - Place template along the length of the Flex Foam Stabilizer and using Frixion marker trace crown. Cut out the foam crown.

Step 2 - Press fabric. Fold in half with selvedges aligned and cut a 25cm wide strip across the width of fabric. Cut strip in half and remove selvedges.

Step 3 - With fusible side of foam crown face up place one piece of fabric with wrong side down on top along the length. Fuse fabric to foam. When cool cut away excess fabric from around the foam crown. Cut ribbon into 2 x 35cm lengths and baste one end of each ribbon to the foam side 4.5cm up from the bottom edge.

Step 4 - Press remaining fabric and with wrong side up, centre foam side of crown on top. Pin to hold the 3 layers together with ribbons coming out at each end.

Step 5 - Sew together 3mm in from the edge using a straight stitch.

Step 6 - Change to a short but wide zigzag stitch and sew around the edge twice. Trim edges of ribbons on an angle to prevent fraying.



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