Quilted Bum Bag Project

Level: Beginner

What you'll need:

1/4" seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.


Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.

Step 1 - Select 4 different fabric strips from the Jelly Roll and press them. Cut them into 25" lengths. Arrange them in the desired colour order and sew them together lengthwise. Press the seams open.

Step 2 - Layer together quilters' muslin, then the batting with Step 1 on top with right side facing up. Quilt the layers together.

Step 3 - From quilted fabric, cut the bag's front and back each 9 1/4" wide x 5 3/4". From the Prima homespun, cut a front and back bag lining each 9 1/4" wide x 5 3/4".

Step 4 - Zipper: With zipper right side up, center the top edge of the bag front with its right side down along the top edge of the zipper, so that the fabric and zipper are right sides facing with edges aligned. Pin in place, ensuring that the edge of the zipper is aligned with the top edge of fabric.

Step 5 - Attach zipper foot to the machine. Sew down the edge, stopping with needle down and lifting the foot. Carefully open zipper, lower the foot and sew to the end. Remove the piece from the machine. Place one lining piece wrong side up on top of the zipper and bag piece. Pin it in place, then flip work over and sew along the previous stitching line. Flip the lining all the way over so the lining and bag are wrong sides together, and press flat.

Step 6 - Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to attach the bag back and lining to the other side of the zipper. Press the fabric and lining away from the zipper to expose the zipper tape. Topstitch down each side of the zipper through the fabric, zipper, and lining.

Step 7 - Side Flaps: Using the photo as a reference, create a cardboard template measuring 2 1/4 inches across the top, 1 3/4 inches down the short side, and 31/2 inches down the long side, with a curved base. Take the second strip of one of the fabrics from Step 1 and press it. Fold the strip in half with right sides facing and press it. Then, using the template, trace two sets of side flaps and cut them out.

Step 8 - With right sides facing, sew together across the short top edge and around the curved edge, leaving the opposite straight edges open. Turn it right side out and press. Press the short open edges to the inside. Topstitch across the top short edge and around the curved edge.

Step 9 - Place one side flap on top of the back, with the long open edge of the side flap along the side edge of the back, positioned 1/2 inch below the zipper. Pin and baste it in place. Repeat this step for the other side flap on the opposite side of the back. Open the zipper halfway. Then, pin the front and back rectangles together with right sides facing. Similarly, pin the lining rectangles together with right sides facing. Sew them together, leaving a 3-inch opening in the bottom edge of the lining. Take care when stitching across the zipper. Finally, trim off any excess zipper.

Step 10 - Reach into the bag and open the zipper. Clip the corners, then turn the bag right side out through the opening in the lining, pulling it through the side flaps. Turn the seam allowance of the opening in the lining to the inside and press it. Hand or machine stitch the opening closed, then press it well. Use a wooden chopstick to push out the corners and help close the zipper as you push the lining into the bag.

Step 11 - Cut a 25cm length of belting. Thread on the socket of the buckle release and, folding the belting back on itself, tuck the raw edge under and secure it with machine stitching. Following the manufacturer's instructions, slide the strap adjuster and clip onto the remaining length of belting and stitch them in place.

Step 12 - Insert the raw end of the short length of belting into the folded-under end of one side flap. Secure it in place by stitching back and forth over the folded-under edge. Then, insert the clip into the socket, ensuring the belting is not twisted. Insert the raw end into the folded-under end of the other side flap, and secure it in place by stitching back and forth over the folded-under edge.



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