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What are jelly rolls and charm packs?

If you're new to quilting some of the terminology will seem quite bizarre. For experienced quilters, terms like fat quarters, fat flats, jelly rolls and charm packs will roll off the tongue - and the sewing machine! For those not yet educated in the language of quilting, these terms all refer to various forms of pre-cut squares of fabric used to make patchwork garments and quilts.

Jelly rolls are rolled bundles of varied, pre-cut fabric strips, each strip measuring 2.5 inches (or 6 centimetres) square, with the total roll generally measuring 42 to 44 inches long. The combined fabrics have been carefully chosen to complement each other and often have a common theme or colour scheme.

Charm packs are inexpensive pre-cut packs of around 42 individual pieces of 5 inch (12 centimetre) square pieces of fabric. These packs also have a particular design or colour scheme in common. From one fat quarter (also known as a fat flat) you will generally get about five charms.

When would I use jelly rolls or charm packs?

Both jelly rolls and charm packs are designed to make sewing patchwork quilts or garments quicker and easier. They eliminate the need for the time-consuming practice of cutting fabrics into squares and there is no need to go searching for complementary fabrics either. There is minimal wastage if you buy pre-cut fabric bundles or rolls for your quilting projects.

If you buy fat quarters (larger pre-cut fabric squares), you need to cut them down to size, whereas jelly rolls and charm packs are already cut into usable sizes. Jelly rolls are easy to use because they are already sewn together on one seam and gathered into a user-friendly roll. They are an economical way to undertake a quilting project, saving a lot of time and money.

What quilting fabrics do Spotlight sell?

Visit your local store or shop online to view Spotlight's comprehensive range of quilting fabrics. Generally fat quarters, jelly rolls and charm packs are made from 100% cotton. Pre-cut cotton fabrics should always be hand washed in cold water prior to use in order to avoid distortion to your quilt or garment due to shrinkage.

For a unique and stylish quilting project consider Spotlight's Batik Jelly Rolls in vibrant colours inspired by Asia, or check out the Vintage Naturals jelly rolls for subtle, neutral shades so on-trend in today's home decorating circles.

Spotlight have a huge selection of fat flats in endless colours and designs, such as stripes, spots, geometric shapes, animal motifs and many more.

Do Spotlight sell other quilting items?

Yes, at Spotlight we have a complete range of quilting products from quilting machines to needles, cottons and everything in between.

For the middle layer of your quilt or quilted garment you can choose different types of batting (also known as wadding) in varying thicknesses and weight. We have batting made from 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 100% bamboo, wool/polyester blends and bamboo/cotton blends.

Starting your first quilting project or creating lots of quilted items is easy when you shop at Spotlight.



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