Watercolour Bird Of Paradise Project




STEP 1: Using the template and HB pencil, trace the flower design onto the watercolour paper. Once you
are happy with the outline. Go over it with the waterproof black marker. A waterproof marker is preferred
to stop the marker from bleeding when the watercolour is painted over it. Alternatively, you can also photocopy or scan/print the design onto the paper if preferred. Place small amounts of the watercolour
paint into separate compartments in the palette. Mix with water.

STEP 2: Using the No.6 brush and clean water, wet the main body of the flower. Then use the No.4
brush and Australian Sap Green watercolour to paint the upper half. Clean the brush before applying Australian Leaf Green to the lower section the same area. Repeat the process on the remainder of the stem.

STEP 3: Using the No. 2 brush dipped in purple, start to paint the four purple petals. While the purple is still
wet, clean the brush and add touches of Crimson to highlight the area.

STEP 4: Use the No.4 brush to start painting the orange petals. Be sure to paint alternative petals to avoid the colours blending into each other. Beginning with Crimson, paint the lower half of the inside of the petals. Then use the Vermillion to paint the upper half. Gently blend the two colours
together where they meet and allow them to bleed into each other.

STEP 5: Now paint the outside petals. Paint the lower section with Crimson and the tips in Yellow Deep. While these colours are still wet, paint the middle area with Vermillion and
allow all three colours to bleed into each other. Repeat the process until all petals are completed.
Allow time for individual petals to dry so they do not bleed into each other.

STEP 6: When the painting is dry, use the No.2 brush and Crimson, paint lines separating the petals for more definition. Allow to dry before signing and framing if desired.

TIP: To trace the design onto watercolour paper place the template image at the back of the watercolour paper, then press it press it lightly against a window and trace the image that shows through using the HB pencil.



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