Geo Canvases Project

Level: Easy


  • Semco acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Canvases
  • Pencil and paper for planning
  • Water for cleaning brushes


Step 1 - Use the pencil to plan out your design on a piece of paper. Once you are happy with the final design use the pencil to lightly draw it onto the canvases. Plan out which colours will make up each section and form a list of layers for each colour starting from the bottom to the top for each canvas. This will help ensure you are working in the right order when it comes to painting.

Step 2 - Begin painting on your canvases starting with which ever colour will be the bottom layer of your design on each canvas. Fill in the larger parts of your design with the large paint brush and use the smaller brush for the finer details and outlines. Allow paint to dry before painting the next colour layer.

Step 3 - Continue this process of painting one layer at a time across each canvas until all your design has been painted.

Step 4 - Allow all paint to dry before hanging.

Tips & Tricks - To get precise lines when planning your design, use a ruler for straight lines and a protractor for curved lines.

An alternative is to paint over tape which will have a very clean finish. We recommend using painter's tape or washi tape which is less likely to leave residue when removing it.



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