Flower Eggs Project

Level: Intermediate


  • 250g Turquoise Satin Ice
  • 250g White Satin Ice
  • 250g Pink Satin Ice
  • Rolling Pin
  • Fondant Mat
  • Small Flower Cutter
  • Foam Mat
  • Grooved Cone Fondant Tool
  • Edible Glue / Water
  • 23cm Square Chocolate Mud Cake
  • White Ganache


Step 1 - Cut your mud cake into four even squares. Take each square and carve an egg shape measuring approx 9cm x 7cm. Place a skewer down the center of each egg. This will enable you to move it around. Cover each egg with a generous amount of chocolate ganache. Leave to set firm.

Step 2 - Roll 150g Turquoise Satin Ice Fondant approx 2-3mm thick and cover the chocolate egg. You can stand the egg up and lay the fondant over the top or lay it down and roll the fondant around. Roll a small amount of Fondant into a ball and flatten slightly to make a disc. Paint the disc with a tiny amount of water and place the egg on top.

Step 3 - Roll the remaining Fondant 2-3mm thick. Cover to prevent from drying out. Cut a small amount of flowers at a time. Place these onto the foam mat.

Step 4 - Use the cone tool on each petal to create an imprint.

Step 5 - Gently press the point of the tool into the centre of the flower.

Step 6 - Dab a tiny amount of water / edible glue onto the egg where you are going to place your flower. Lift the tool with the flower on the end and gently press onto your egg. Start at the bottom and go all the way around. Repeat this process until the whole egg is covered. Set aside to dry. Spray lightly with edible glitter.

Repeat the steps above with White Satin Ice & Pink Satin Ice to make 3 eggs.



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