Egg Wreath Project



  • Mountain Wreath
  • 3 x packets of 'Shamrock' Craft Deco Foam Egg Value Pack
  • Acrylic paint x 4 colours
  • Large paint brushes
  • Water to clean brushes
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2 x 'Erica' Spray 65cm Pink
  • Critters Small Feather Butterflies


Step 1 - Decide on your colour theme, we chose a pastel colour pallet. Then use acrylic paints in that colour theme to paint the assorted deco foam eggs in different colours. Paint all 3 packets worth of eggs so you have plenty of sizes to play with when assembling your wreath. You will need to do a few layers of paint as the foam soaks up the paint easily. Allow the eggs to dry between each coat and set aside to dry once you are finished. Clean your brushes in water.

Step 2 - Pull apart the 'Erica' Spray sprigs so you have individual pieces to spread across the wreath.

Step 3 - Once the eggs are dry you can begin to assemble your wreath. Use the hot glue gun to glue the eggs onto the wreath, alternating the different sized eggs and colours to create an interesting pattern. Make sure to apply more glue where the eggs touch onto the wreath to firmly secure them in place. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 4- Fill in any gaps around or between the eggs with the Erica sprigs. Again use the hot glue gun to secure them in place.

Step 5 - Lastly scatter some of the feather butterflies around the wreath and again glue in place.

Step 6 - To finish, hang your wreath on display!



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