Easter Egg Cake Pops Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • 500g Roberts Mud Cake Mix - Vanilla
  • Roberts Melting Buttons - White
  • Roberts Rainbow Sprinkle Mix
  • 30 x 20 cm Rectangle Slice Tin - lined with baking paper
  • Disposable Food Gloves - optional
  • Roberts 150mm Lollipop Sticks - White


Step 1- Pre heat oven to 160°C Fan forced setting.

Mix a 500g batch of Vanilla Cake Mix according to instructions on the back of the packet. Pour cake batter into the slice tin. Bake for approximately 20 -25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean, allow to cool completely.

Step 2- Crumble the baked cake into a large bowl. Squeeze the mix firmly in your hands, creating a firm cake dough. Divide into balls before moulding into Easter egg shapes. Place into the fridge for 15 minutes or until firm.

Tip: Melted white chocolate or a small amount of buttercream icing can be added to the baked cake mix, creating a more decadent and firm style of cake pop.

Step 3- Melt the White Buttons according to the instructions on the back of the packet. Allow to cool.

Remove the Egg Pops from the fridge, dip each lollipop stick, approximately 3cm, into the melted buttons before inserting into the base of each cake pop. Allow to set.

Dip each Egg Pop into the melted buttons, ensuring the base and a small amount of the stick is covered. Allow the excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl. Decorate with sprinkles. Allow to set before serving.



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