Hasina Patch Cushion Project



Patched Cushion

  • Hasina Fabric - 1m of Santiago, Lavedo, Ancash and Cusco
  • 1m Plain Sheeting for lining
  • Matching thread
  • 46cm Dress zip x 2
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Centre Panel Cushion

  • 1m of Ica Hasina Fabric
  • 1m of Duck fabric White
  • 2m of Plain Sheeting for lining
  • Matching thread
  • 46cm Dress zip x 2
  • Scissors
  • Pins


Step 1.Cut the Hasina fabric for the front panels in the following size: 45cm x 35cm, this includes 2cm for your seam allowance.

Step 2.Cut out the Plain Duck fabric for the backing to the same size, 45cm x 35cm.

Step 3.For the binding, cut Plain Duck fabric into 5cm x 155cm strip. This will bond the back of the placemat to the front and form a neat binding edge to your placemat.

Step 4.Cut the sew-on interfacing to 45x35cm for the inner of the placemat. To begin assembling the placemat, sew the interfacing to the back panel with a straight stich, 5mm in from the edge of the placemat. This stitch line will be covered by the binding.

Step 5.Place the front panel over the interfacing & back panel and pin all 3 layers together.

Step 6.For the binding fold the piece in half and press with an iron. Open one end of the binding and using a ruler trim the edge on a 45 degree angle. Then press the angled edge back 1cm.

Step 7.Lay the open edge of the binding on the placemat (away from a corner) and stitch down about an inch, with 5mm seam allowance. Remove from the machine and fold down the binding, start sewing again a few inches from the beginning of the binding with a 5mm seam allowance. The raw edges of the placemat and binding should be aligned along the edge.

Step 8.When you get to the corners sew right to the edge of the corner, then stop and remove from machine. Fold the binding up and then back down creating a point in the corner so you can start the next side neatly. Continue sewing along 5mm in and repeat at the next corner.

Step 9.Continue sewing until you get back round to the opening in the binding. Tuck the end of the binding in the opening you created in step 7, there should be an overlap in the fabric. Continue sewing until all the binding is attached.

Step 10.To finish flip the binding over and sew the back edge down working your way around the placemat. Overlap the fabric to make the corners neat.



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