Capri Cafe Curtain Project




Note - Before heading into your Spotlight store, prepare yourself by reading our 'Curtain Fabric Calculation' guide. This can be found online in our Home Decor Projects page.


Step 1 - Firstly, measure the width and drop of your kitchen/cafe window. A general rule of thumb for the fullness required for curtains is 1.5 x the width of your window. As this fabric already has the header attached you only need to add 20cm allowance to the bottom for the hem.

Step 2 - Lay the entire uncut piece of fabric on a flat surface. Ensure the fabric is square by using a dressmaking square or lining it up against the edges of your table.

Step 3 - Based on the measurements previously calculated, cut across the width of the fabric. You may wish to use a chalk line to ensure a straight edge. For printed fabrics, the drops should be cut in the same place on each pattern repeat. This will give a more professional finish.

Step 4 - Sew the side seams by turning over the sides x 3cm. Pin and stitch in place 2mm from the inside edge, remembering to remove the pins as you sew. Or alternatively use the double sided adhesive tape.

Step 5 - To finish the hem, lay the curtain on large flat surface. Measure the drop from the top of the curtain and mark with chalk or pins. Remember, the curtain is designed to hang from the curtain track, so measure your drop from the track to the floor, and mark the distance on your fabric from the middle of your pleat tape.

Step 6 - The excess should be around 20cm. Fold excess over twice x 10cm to form a double hem. Stitch the hem in place 2mm in from the top edge. Stitch the sides of the hem to close.

Step 7 - Repeat this process to create a smaller valance to achieve the cafe look.

Step 8 - Your new curtains are ready to hang on the rod.



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