Velvet Book Covers Project

Level: Easy


  • Galina Velvet Pink and Navy
  • Offray Ribbon
  • E6000 Spray Adhesive
  • Mod Podge
  • Small Brush
  • Scissors
  • 2 x Diaries


Step 1 - Firstly open and lay out your book on top of your velvet fabric and cut a rectangle about 3cm larger than the measurements of your diary.

Step 2 - You may want to do this step outside. Spray the wrong side of your fabric and the outside of the book with the E6000 spray adhesive. Make sure there is a good amount of adhesive covering everything including the spine of the book.

Step 3 - Then, carefully lay your fabric out on a flat surface and make sure the glue side is facing up! Place the diary closed on one end of the fabric, ensuring the 3cm seam allowance is even the whole way around. Press firmly down, checking to make sure there are no wrinkles and the fabric is stuck to the book.

Step 4 - Carefully flip the book over and ensure the spine is secured to the fabric before placing the other side of the book down on the fabric. Again, make sure the fabric is flat with no wrinkles.

Step 5 - Using scissors, cut off all 4 corners of the fabric, ensuring that once the seam allowance is folding back the corner with have a nice point.

Step 6 - Then make 2 cuts in the fabric at either end of the spine. Use the cover creases as a guide and cut in line with that, do this on both ends of the diary.

Step 7 - Now smooth the fabric over all the edges of the diary. Be careful with the corners, make sure you pull the fabric tightly over the edges. If needed use some Mod Podge and a brush to help secure the corners.

Step 8 - Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the tabs of fabric at either end of the spin and carefully push the tabs down in the gap between the cover of the diary and the binding. You might need to use a tooth pick or small brush.

Step 9 - Add a small amount of Mod Podge to each corner of the diary and use your fingers to push down the fabric to make the corners nice and neat and stop them from fraying.

Step 10 - To finish glue down 2 pieces of ribbon on the inside of the front and back cover and allow to dry. Once dry tie in a knot and your diary is complete.



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