Martha Stewart DIY Weaver Dreamer Project

Level: Easy

Project Name: Martha Stewart DIY Weaver Dreamer

What you'll need:

  • Martha Stewart DIY Weaver Starter Kit
  • Martha Stewart Extender Weaver Kit
  • Selected yarn such as Moda Vera Mawson, Wonder Wool, Pure Wool 8 ply, Big Softy
  • Tea Leaves Hanging Bush Red and Green 67cm
  • Thin branch
  • Moda Vera Gelato 4 ply Cotton for Warp
  • Scissors, Yarn needle


Step 1 - Following the instructions on the weaver kits at all times, assemble and string up the warp using Gelato.

Step 2 - Select one of the chunkier yarns and weave 4 rows. Leave enough yarn at the sides to be able to secure later. Cut the foliage into smaller pieces and weave through the warp until it is thick enough and evenly distributed, see picture.

Step 3 - Continue weaving with different yarns and be creative with the colours used as well as the textures. Intersperse with greenery until the work is at the desired length.

Step 4 - Take the work off the loom and thread the branch through the warp. Take the yarn tails around the back and secure if desired or they can be left to create a more natural homespun look and hang on the wall.



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