Tulip Tie Dye Kit Project


What you'll need:

  • Tulip tie dye kit 12 colour pack
  • Glue
  • Canvas bag
  • Rack
  • Pencil


Step 1 - Protect your working area by putting down paper, put more paper or cardboard inside the bag to prevent the glue from seeping through to the other side.

Step 2 - Start sketching your design of choice using pencil, we used retro and ditsy floral patterns for our inspiration.

Step 3 - Draw over the sketch with the glue, don't press too hard otherwise too much glue will come out and the lines will be very thick. Let the design dry overnight. Remove the protective insert once the glue is dry.

Step 4 - Ensure you wear gloves before you begin the tie dye process. You can use elastic bands to wrap the bag or simply twist it. Select your colours of choice, for lighter colours use less pigment powder and add more water. For intense saturation, follow the instructions on the bottle. Apply the dye to the bag, don't over saturate it that it becomes dripping wet because this can muddy the colours.

Step 5 - Put the bag in a plastic bag or wrap and let it sit overnight, you want the tie dye bag to remain damp and not dry out. Let it set for 8-12 hours, for brighter colours leave it for 24 hours before rinsing in cold water to wash out the dye. Remember to remove the elastic bands before rinsing.

Step 6 - Hand wash separately the first few times as residual dye may still come out. Let dry and your bag is ready to be used.

Tips and Tricks

  • Natural fibres like cotton, silk, and linen absorb dyes much better than synthetic fabrics. You can mix your own dyes to create your custom colours, test the dye mixture on a paper towel before using it on the fabric.
  • You can add a small white cloth with the tie dye item in the washing machine to see if it still bleeds colours.
  • Use hot water and a cleaning paste (we recommend Gumption) to clean any areas that may have been stained from the dye.


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