Treasure Map Project

Level: Easy


  • Paper
  • Tea bags and boiling water
  • Pens and pencils
  • A candle and matches (optional)


Step 1 - Tear the edges around your piece of paper so it looks nice and worn.

Step 2 - Make a cup of black tea using the tea bag and boiling water.

Step 3 - Place your paper on the bench and carefully use the tea bag to spread the brown coloured water around the paper. Continue this process until the whole page is discoloured and you are happy with the finished look. Remember it's okay if it's not perfect, it'll look more realistic it it's not.

Step 4 - Leave the paper to dry before starting step 5.

Step 5 - Once the paper is dry it's time to draw on the details of your map with pens or pencils. Be creative here, you can use your own house or garden for inspiration or think up a completely different universe! You can add a key or a compass, pictures or secret words, the options are endless! Or maybe make a scavenger hunt and list a bunch of objects to find around the house or on your next walk!

Step 6 - To finish scrunch up the map in your hands to add to the worn/old appearance. Optional: Light a candle and carefully place edges of the map into the flame to create a burnt aged look on the outside of your map.

Step 7 - Enjoy the endless adventures using your treasure map or scavenger hunt!



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