Skateboard Deck Project



  • Timber Skateboard deck
  • Sharpie permanent maker
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painting brush
  • Greylead pencil


Step 1. Use a pencil and draw you foreground silhouette palm tree and birds.

Step 2. Using white acrylic paint roll around the edges and over the base using a fine roller. (Make sure you can still
see the pencil lines through the paint for next steps).

Step 3. Using a permanent marker draw over your design once more.

Step 4. With a very strong yellow colour, brush over the board and get a smooth finish.

Note: Make sure to check to see if you can still see the design you have drawn underneath, if you are starting to think it has faded too much from layers of paint you can use the marker again and redraw it.

Step 5. Shading paint colours: (you can use standard blue and greens here but you must lighten them with white for better coverage) make a nice baby blue colour and paint this at the top, then paint it (tone it ) into pure white in the middle. Mix very pale light yellow colour using your white paint and shade that out of the middle white colour, then mix a light mint colour with your green paint and white, this will blend out of the light yellow. Finally mix a rich mint colour using most green with some white to give it that minty flavour, this is your final colour on the bottom of the design.

Step 6. Redraw your design over the top, you can also paint some richer tones of your colours at the top and bottom and add more white in the middle, this can enhance the end result.

Step 7. Using a long thin paint brush & black paint, paint the outline of the design.

Step 8. Fill in your outlines with black.



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