Raffia Pom Pom Garland Project



  • Crafters Choice Natural Raffia Pollot
  • Fibra Natura Raffia
  • Scissors
  • Pom Pom Maker
  • Cardboard


Step 1 - Cut 3 long lengths of raffia and tie to together at one end. Plait the three strands until you have one long piece of plaited raffia which will be the base of your garland.

Step 2 - To make the pom poms, start by wrapping Fibra Natura raffia around the pom pom maker until desired size is reached. The more raffia wrapped the fuller your pom pom will be.

Step 3 - Cut another piece of raffia and wrap around the middle of the yarn and tie a knot to secure all the raffia.

Step 4 - Cut around all looped edges of raffia to free each thread and create the pom pom.

Step 5 - Use scissors to trim any excess raffia and create a neat round shaped pom pom. Repeat this process to create more pom poms.

Step 6- Cut a piece of cardboard to the finished length you would like your tassel to be.

Step 7 - Wrap the raffia around the centre of cardboard until the desired thickness is reached for the tassel.

Step 8 - Carefully slide the wrapped raffia off 1 side of cardboard onto your fingers. Using another piece of raffia, wrap around near the top of the looped raffia to create the head of the tassel. Secure tightly with a knot and trim along the bottom looped edges of the raffia to create the tassel!

Step 9 - Once you have made multiple pom poms and tassels, attach them to the braided raffia to create your garland. Use to decorate presents or hang on the tree as a decoration.



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