Little Flower Pots Project



  • Large and small wooden popsicle sticks
  • Assorted Pom Poms
  • Assorted Chenille Sticks
  • Card board
  • Scissors


Step 1 - Take a coloured chenille stick and bend it to create flower petals. You may need 2 or 3 chenille sticks depending on the size of your flower. Twist the ends of the petals together to secure your flower shape.

Step 2 - Next work on the stem. Start by twisting two green chenille sticks together and when you're about half way up make a leaf shape with one of the chenille sticks. Continue twisting the 2 chenille sticks together to create a strong stem.

Step 3 - Attach the flower to the stem by twisting the chenille sticks together, if you don't have enough left over from the flower or stem you can cut off a small piece from a separate chenille stick and use that to twist around the 2 pieces. To finish your flower, glue a pom pom into the centre of each flower.

Step 4 - Now it's time to make your flower pot. Cut a rectangle from the card stock a little smaller than the height you want your pot. Connect the 2 ends of the card with glue to create a round cylinder shape, this will be the base of you pot. Take the wooden popsicle sticks and cut them carefully using scissors to the height needed for your pot.

Step 5 - Once you have a bunch of popsicle sticks cut out you can begin to glue them onto the outside of the card side by side until all the card is covered.

Step 6 - Fill the pot with pom poms, gluing them to each other and the inside of the pot with the hot glue gun. Take a brown chenille stick and coil it around itself to create a circle shape the size of your pot. Glue this down onto the top of your pom poms to cover them.

Step 7 - To finish, glue the end of the flower stem with hot glue and carefully position into the flower pot. The pom poms should help create a sturdy base for you flower to sit in.

Step 8 - Repeat with different sized flowers and pots to create a garden of beautiful flower pots!



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