Just Bead It Unicorn Picture Project



  • Kaisercraft Unicorn Cut-out
  • Black paint
  • Crafters Choice Craft Glue (purple label)
  • Sealant spray
  • Black project board sheet
  • A2 frame
  • Screws and small bolts (2 of each)


1. Paint unicorn cut-out black and leave to dry overnight.

2. Cut up various bead strands and broken jewellery and group beads together by colour and size.

3. Lay a row of beads along the bottom left and right-hand side of the unicorn cut-out. When you are happy with their placement glue down.

Tip: When using the glue squeeze it onto the unicorn and place beads on top. You need a thicker layer than what you can put on with a brush and this method makes it quicker to apply the beads. Make sure you lay newspaper down underneath your cut-out before you start gluing to protect your surface.

4. Squeeze on glue in 8cm squares at a time - just eyeball it, there is no need to measure exactly. Place beads randomly onto the unicorn before the glue gets tacky. Make sure they lay next to each other so you cannot see the black paint underneath. Cover the main part of the unicorn head but leave the mane, bottom of the nose and unicorn horn until last.

5. Use white seed beads on the mane, bottom of the nose and horn and in other spots where you think they might fill in a small space. The seed beads need 2-3 layers and you can mix them with other small beads to suit.

6. Once all beads are applied leave to dry for at least 24 hours then spray or paint on a gloss sealant.

7. To frame take glass out of the frame as you won't use it. Cover frame backing board with black cardboard sheet or piece of black fabric.



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