Just Bead It Mirror Project



  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • 'Kaisercraft' round mirror
  • Beading wire or stringing
  • Scissors
  • Size 6 White Glass Seed Beads
  • Size 12 Frosted Gold Glass Seed Beads
  • Size 6 Dark Blue Seed Beads (JBI 801)
  • Size 6 Red Seed Beads (JBI 56)
  • JBI 27 Red Howlite Beads
  • JBI 34 Red Howlite Beads
  • RBQ 37 Dark Red Resin Beads
  • JBI 65 White Howlite Beads Large
  • JBI 19 White Howlite Beads Medium
  • JBZ 26 Blue Glass Beads Large
  • JBZ 19 Blue Glass Beads Small
  • JBZ 96 Yellow Glass Beads Large
  • JBZ 89 Yellow Glass Beads Small


Step 1. Measure around the timber mirror and determine how many beads will be required.

Step 2. Measure the length of jewellery wire required for you to complete this project. Allow for an additional10 -15cm of wire per row for manoeuvrability. Begin stringing the beads onto the wire. We recommend completing one row at a time for better accuracy.

Step 3. Once stringing is completed, using the hot glue gun, apply a 2 - 5cm line of glue and then use both hands to hold a similar sized section of threaded beads.

Step 4. Gently press the beaded length down onto the glue and repeat the process until you get almost all the way around. By doing small lengths at a time, you will create a neater finish. Once the beads are glued almost around you can then back-thread or cross the wires through the remaining beads and using the extra length in the wire hold them up above the frame - apply the hot glue underneath and then pull each end of the wire at the same time to get the beads strand tight and then press them into the glue. Trim the ends.

Step 5. Once all of your rows of beads are secured, wipe the beads with a damp cloth to remove any excess glue.



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