Confetti Clock Project

Level: Easy



Step 1 - Lay out all your materials and make sure you have a clean work space to work on. Lay a protective sheet over your workspace too.

Step 2 - Start by painting the wooden clock base. You won't see a lot of the painted base colour, but it will help encase any parts of the base show through the confetti. Once the first coat is dry, paint a second coat if necessary.

Step 3 - Once the base is finished and dry, paint a layer of PVA glue across the entire clock base. Working quickly so the glue doesn't dry, sprinkle the confetti over the glue ensuring you have covered the whole clock base (except the centre hole). Leave to dry.

Step 4 - Once dry, paint a 2nd layer of PVA glue over the confetti and again sprinkle another coat of confetti to fill in any gaps from the first layer (except the centre hole). Leave to dry.

Step 5 - Once the clock has dried, place a plastic cup in the middle of your covered work space and place the clock on top (confetti side facing up). Mix the resin kit following the directions and pour over the clock face covering all the confetti. Use a skewer or pencil to ensure the resin doesn't fill the centre hole. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Step 6 - Once the resin is dry insert the clock mechanism into the centre hole and hang clock on wall to finish!



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