Level: Easy

What you'll need:

Note - All fabrics should be 100% cotton, washed & pressed.

1cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.


To make your pattern trace included templates for Top and Side of Scrub Cap in size required onto paper, mark notches and cut out.


Note - Outer and lining can be made from same fabric if desired.

Step 1 - To cut out fold fabric in half lengthways and pin your pattern pieces on the fold as indicated. Cut out around the edge including notches for matching. Cut out top and side for outer and another top and side for lining.

Step 2 - From lining fabric (or outer if preferred) cut 1 x 5cm wide strip across the width of fabric for binding and ties.

Step 3 - To sew together take top and side of outer fabric and with right sides together pin side to edge of top matching notches. Sew together easing around the curves. Press.

Step 4 - Repeat step three for the lining.

Step 5 - Place outer on top of lining with right sides facing and align straight back edges. Pin and sew back edges together. Turn right side out so wrong sides are facing and press seam. Topstitch 3mm from edge.

Step 6 - With wrong sides facing align and pin together the remaining raw edges. Baste together 5mm from the edge to keep the two layers together when sewing on the binding. Fold to mark the centre.

Step 7 - For the binding and ties take the 5cm wide strip and press in half lengthways. Open strip, fold short ends 5mm to the wrong side and press. Fold in half and mark the centre. With strip open pin to the inside edge of the cap matching centre marks and with right sides facing. Sew strip to edge of cap. Press seam allowance towards binding strip. Fold unstitched lengths of strip in 1cm and press.

Step 8 - Fold remaining long edge 1cm to the wrong side and press. Fold strip over the edge to the right side and pin ensuring folded edge covers previous stitching. Starting at one short end and finishing at the other end topstitch binding in place 2-3mm from edge. Press well.



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