Mickey Mouse Gown Project



  • Simplicity Pattern #3575
  • Mickey Mouse Burnout Fleece - refer to pattern for quantity required
  • 20cm Prima Homespun - black
  • Cotton Woven Fusible Interfacing
  • Legacy Fuse Under/Vliesofix
  • Matching Gutermann thread
  • Pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Ear template
  • Template plastic or cardboard

Note: Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.


Step 1. Cut out all pattern pieces in required size, pin to fabric and cut out.

Step 2. Make bathrobe according to pattern instructions but do not attach the hood. To make the ears

Step 3. Cut 4 x 15cm squares from black homespun, 2 x 15cm squares from cotton woven interfacing and 2 x 15cm squares from fuse under.

Step 4. Fuse an interfacing square to the wrong side of 2 homespun squares and a fuse under square to the wrong side of each remaining homespun square. Remove the backing paper from a fuse under square and aligning edges place onto an interfacing square to create a double-sided black square. Fuse together. Repeat for the other square.

Step 5. Trace the ear template onto template plastic or cardboard and cut out. Place template onto a black square, trace around the edge and cut out. Repeat for the second ear.

Step 6. Sew around the edge of ears close to the edge using a straight stitch then zigzag around edges. Pinch ear together in the centre just above straight edge and sew across to give shape.

Step 7.Pin ears on each side of hood 9cm from the centre seam and 14cm up from front edge. Sew ears to hood along the straight bottom section of each ear.

Step 8. Attach hood and complete bathrobe as per pattern.



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