Fleece Unicorn Hoodie Cape Project



  • Silver ribbon for horn and mane
  • Peak Polar Fleece
  • Metallic Trims (For Horn)
  • Interfacing
  • Templates
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread

Templates: 1/4 inch seam allowances included.

  • Cape - Cut one (white)
  • Hood - Cut two (white)
  • Mane - Cut one of each colour (Pink and Purple)
  • Horn - Cut one (white)
  • Ears - Cut two pairs (1 pair pink, 1 pair white)


Step 1.Cut out all fabric pieces, making all notches.

Step 2.Over lock hem and center front edges, then fold to inside of fabric and sew flat for a finished rolled hem.

Step 3. Make ears

Step 4. Make horn

Step 5. Make hood

Step 6. Line up CB seam of hood to CB notch of cape, pin neckline of hood and cape to fit - sew/over lock all three layers together (two hood layers, one caper layer).

Step 7. Hand sew ties at CF neck line where the hood and cape meet.


Step 1. Sew the straight sides together to form a cone.

Step 2. Turn in so seam is on the inside - pushing the tip up from the inside to make it pointy.

Step 3. Using your trim - hand sew or glue, spiraling from the bottom to top.

Step 4. Stuff the cone with stuffing or fabric scraps, ready to be attached to hood.


Step 1. Pair one of each colour and sew around the curved edge.

Step 2. Turn in the right way - seams to the inside

Step 3. Match up notches for pleat/tuck -pin or tack into place.


Step 1.Sew together one pair of the hood pieces to make the lining - put aside for later.

Step 2. Using one of the coloured mane pieces, attach lengths of the trim evenly spaced along the short side of the curve, trim going towards the outer edge

Step 3. Match the coloured mane pieces together with the trim sandwich in between the two pieces - sew or tack together.

Step 4. Using the other pair of hood pieces pin or tack together, sandwiching the mane piece in between of the hood pieces using the notches as a guide where the mane piece will fit. This can be a little fiddly as the curve of the hood and mane piece are opposite - carefully sew all together.

Step 5. Turn out so mane is on the outside over the top of the head.

Step 6. Carefully cut the coloured mane pieces in strips right up to seam/join of hood.

Step 7. Cut holes where ears will be attached

Step 8. Poke raw ends of ears through cut holes on hood and hand stitch into place.

Step 9. Position horn and hand sew into place.

Step 10. Match up outer hood with lining, good side to good side and sew together at face opening. Turn back to the right way ready to be attached to the cape.



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