Christmas Bundles Quilt Project



  • 35cm of 8 Different White Christmas Quilting Fabrics
  • 35cm of 6 Different Red Christmas Quilting Fabrics
  • 1.5m Gold Christmas Quilting Fabric
  • 1.7m Xmas Tablecloth 144cm (for backing)
  • 1.8m Warm & Natural Batting
  • Red Thread & White Thread
  • Basting Spray


Step 1. To create this Scandi Christmas Quilt you first need to cut:

  • 80 White Squares 12x12cm (10 squares from each white fabric)
  • 180 Red Rectangles 12x7cm (128 for the patchwork and 52 for the border)
  • 70 White Rectangles (for the border)

Step 2. Sewing with a 1cm allowance, start by sewing 64 pairs of Red rectangles together to create squares.

Step 3. This quilt patchwork is created with 16 blocks of 3x3. To create these blocks, sew white and red squares together in a row of 3 and then once trimmed and pressed sew three rows together to create a square block.

Step 4. Once you have made all 16 blocks, sew together, remembering to press and trim each new seam. Your finished patchwork should be approx. 122x122cm square (if not, cut your edging to length in the next step).

Step 5. The next step is to add your gold edging. From your gold quilting fabric, cut two strips 12cm wide by 122cm (or the length of your patchwork square) and sew on either side.
Step 6. Next cut two strips 12cm wide by 142cm (or the width of your patchwork with edging) and sew to the remaining sides.

Step 7. To make the border you will need to sew all of your remaining rectangles together. Pairing randomly, mix the red and white in no particular order until you have two lengths that include 28 rectangles and two lengths that include 32 rectangles.

Step 8. Once you sew your border on, your front is finished. To make your backing, cut your table cloth fabric into a square 140x140cm. Cut two strips from you gold quilting fabric 10cm by 140cm and sew on opposite sides. Them with the remaining gold fabric but two strips 10cm and sew along the remaining edge, press and trim away excess. With your front and backing finished, your front should be slightly larger than your backing piece, as it will fold over the back to close your quilt.

Step 9. To finish, lay your backing over your batting and baste into place. Trim your batting to match your backing size. Turnover and baste your front patchwork to your batting, making sure your overhanging edge is even on
each side. Pin and quilt.

Step 10. Fold your remaining border edge over the back with two folds for a clean finish and sew along your borders edge. Trim away excess fabric and turn in the corners to create a neat streamline finish.



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