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Become Obsessed With Macrame Cords From Spotlight

Making macrame requires the right supplies, so start your next macrame project right by using the best macrame cord and strings from Spotlight. Our macrame cords come in a range of colours, thicknesses and materials, which ensures you can always find the ideal cord for your next macrame project, with trusted brand Crafter's Choice offering a good variety of cords from their supply.

Why we love macrame

You can use macrame to create gorgeous crafts out of string and cord without the use of knitting or sewing - instead, you tie many different kinds of knots to create your art. Macrame is often used to create flat wall hangings, and can also be used to create both decorative and functional supports for shelves, hanging planters and lanterns, as well as lampshades, dreamcatchers and wearable accessories like bracelets and anklets.

Macrame cord FAQs

What is macrame cord?

Macrame cord is thick, strong and twisted, most commonly seen in white and pastels like pink, blue and green. Coloured macrame cords can also be found in black for more bold pieces. It is used to create wall hangings, wearable jewellery and other kinds of hanging decor.

What is macrame cord made of?

Cotton macrame cord is the most common variety of macrame string you'll find, although natural materials such as linen and jute and man-made materials like nylon are also popular. Macrame cords must be strong, flexible and smooth, to allow them to maintain their strength while knotted and be able to twist together smoothly without snagging.

What is macrame cord used for?

Both thin and thick macrame cord is used for creating macrame-knotted crafts such as lampshades, wall hangings, planters and bracelets. Macrame strings and cords have great strength and grip, allowing them to hold heavy and smooth objects like plant pots and bowls.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find all sorts of craft and hobby supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Macrame rings: These rings can be used as a frame for your macrame project, and come in metal, plastic and wood-look varieties.
  • Macrame beads: Adding beads to your macrame project is a great way to add some different textures and colours, and our range of macrame beads includes both natural and synthetic materials and colours to choose from.
  • Macrame: Browse our full range of macrame supplies, which includes rings, beads and cords.

Browse our art and craft range for even more amazing supplies to use in your projects!

Find the right macrame cords at Spotlight

Once you've chosen your macrame cords, pay your way and we'll deliver your macrame strings and cords straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best macrame cord for your needs.

If you're following instructions for any of our macrame home decor projects, make sure to read our helpful macrame fact sheet, which includes heaps of abbreviations and specific terms debunked. And for more information on the kinds of art and craft supplies you can find at Spotlight, check out our buying guides on beads and jewellery, needles and hooks and yarn.



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