Bubble Balloons

These beautiful, large bubble balloons will create a real impact for your next kids birthday party or other celebration. Large, see through and with many different designs, they are available here at Spotlight as part of our extensive party range. Choose from different images suitable for baby showers, new arrivals, kids birthday parties, romantic occasions, special events, significant ages or just say welcome home or thank you with our beautiful bubble balloons. These are just some of the many balloon options available here at Spotlight, including plain and printed latex balloons, a range of foil balloons and many balloon accessories.

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Which Balloons Should I Choose For A Party?

Balloons are counted among the most common decorations for parties. Of course, as they are very common, you can expect to find many different types to decorate with. To help you decide which are the best balloons for your party, be sure to read on and discover the most popular balloons for your party.

When Should I Choose Latex Balloons?

Latex balloons are the most common balloons used for parties. They are also the most affordable, although some people have concerned about their impact on the environment. Fortunately, most latex balloons are now made from recyclable latex.

You can find latex balloons in all kinds of colours and designs. So, you will have little problems finding latex balloons to suit your needs. These kinds of balloons are usually best for children's parties, as they are quite affordable, so it does not matter if one or two get damaged.

When Should I Choose Foil Balloons?

Foil balloons are the most beautiful balloons you can find. They are characterised by a shiny appearance and come in so many different sizes. Latex balloons usually come in a teardrop shape, this is different for foil balloons, as they come in shapes from squares and circles to rectangles and triangles.

Even though foil balloons are a little more expensive than latex balloons, they do offer a lot more variety in terms of shape, size and detail. These balloons are also created with a nylon finish, this enables the balloon to retain helium.

Two more benefits of foil balloons is that they are durable and long-lasting. You can add helium to foil balloons well before your party, giving you more time for other party preparations.

When Should I Use Bubble Balloons?

Bubble balloons are not as widely known as latex balloons and foil balloons, but they are certainly worth looking into. In fact, bubble balloons are relatively new. Of course, this does not mean there is a lack of styles, colours, designs, and shapes.

The bubble balloon is made from flexible plastic. They are usually filled with helium, which means they act and look very similar to foil balloons. They have a little shine but are not as shiny as regular foil balloons.

When Should I Use A Cloudbuster Balloon?

Another relatively new balloon is the so-called Cloudbuster balloon. As the name suggests, this type of balloon has a special function. It is designed to resist UV light, which is a common cause of damage to balloons. Evidently, this makes Cloudbuster balloons considerably more durable than other balloon types.

Cloudbuster balloons are a little more expensive than other balloon types. That being said, they are perfect for outdoor use as they have great resistance against UV light. So, if you are throwing an outdoor party and had problems with balloon durability in the past, then investing in some Cloudbuster balloons is the best route to take.

Which Balloons Can Be Filled With Helium?

Most balloons can be filled with helium. The most important thing to remember is that the membrane of the balloon must be light enough for the balloon to float. It also needs to be non-porous, which is required to hold onto helium.

Latex balloons are some of the most common balloons to fill with helium. However, it is important not to overfill latex balloons, as they can easily pop. Foil balloons are a little easier, as they are harder to overinflate. You could also invest in a so-called gliding balloon. While they are more expensive than most, they can be refilled and have an average float time of several weeks.

Where Can I Get Helium?

Helium is vital for some parties. Of course, hiring a helium tank can be rather expensive. It's storage can also be quite complicated and there are some safety concerns when you want to have a helium tank at a children's party. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to get your helium balloons sorted out.

At Spotlight, we provide a helium service. So, you can choose your balloons and then have them filled by Spotlight for quite the affordable price. Be sure to check out this amazing service if you do not want to worry about hiring a helium tank.



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