Air Walker Balloons

At Spotlight, we have a fantastic collection of balloons and accessories for every occasion with affordable prices across the range. Our Air-walker Balloons are guaranteed to put a smile on every party goers face with a variety of characters available. These amazing balloons are designed to 'walk' as glide through the air. Children and adults alike will fall in love with Daisy the Cow and Juggles the Clown and a variety other cute characters and friends. Invite one of these delightful air walkers to your party and shop the selection today.

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What Are Air Walking Balloons?

Air walking balloons may not sound that familiar to you, it is highly likely you have encountered one of these balloons before. Air walking balloons are large balloons with a weighted bottom. They are filled with helium, which allows the balloons to stand up but remain on the ground. Evidently, these kinds of balloons are incredibly popular for children's parties.

When Should I Use Air Walking Balloons?

These types of balloons are mainly popular for children's parties, as briefly mentioned in the introduction of this guide. Interestingly, most of these balloons have a string attached to them, which means children can walk around with them.

Air walking balloons are available in various shapes and sizes, so you can easily find something that meets the theme of the party. At Spotlight, you can choose from a range of air walking balloons, but we also have other balloons available, this includes basic latex as well as Mylar.

What Is Helium?

Helium is a noble gas that is commonly used to blow up balloons. You may have encountered this gas before, as breathing in this gas can make your voice go high-pitched.

Since helium is a gas that is one of the lightest substances in the universe and is also lighter than air, it will make balloons raise up to the ceiling. So, when purchasing air walking balloons with some weights at the bottom can keep things controlled.

How Can I Safely Use Helium At A Party?

When you decide to hire a helium tank to blow up balloons, it is important to read through some of the guidelines for helium use and storage. Even though the gas is mostly harmless, gas tanks do require some special consideration. If you do not want to deal with such a tank, you can count on the helium service of Spotlight, who can blow up the balloons for you. Alternatively, you can read through our safe helium use guidelines below.

Helium tanks should always be kept out of reach of children. It should also not be stored in direct sunlight, so be sure to have a cool and dry storage space that the children cannot access and where you can keep the helium tank. If you should notice a leak in the helium tank, you should take the tank outside immediately and remove the content. Also, make sure you open up windows and doors to ensure the area can get ventilated properly.

Before you use helium bottles or tanks, always check if there is any visible damage. If you notice any signs of damage on the bottle or tank, you should not use it. If you have hired the bottle or tank from an events company, call the company for a replacement tank immediately.

When you fill your balloons with helium, never do this in an enclosed or small room. Even if you are careful, small amounts of helium can get released into the air and misuse can be dangerous to your health. So, always use helium in a well-ventilated room.

During the filling of the balloons, you should only open the valve of the tank when the tank is in the correct position. Helium tanks and bottles should always be placed in an upright position and stand on a flat and sturdy surface.

Helium should also be kept away from any flames or fire. Avoid locations with open flames or very warm environments, as this can cause the helium tank to burst and subsequently cause injury.

Those who have bought a helium tank or bottle should be aware of the proper disposal methods for helium tanks. Evidently, you cannot dispose of a helium tank with normal household waste. It should always be disposed of at your local recycling centre.

Finally, never inhale the helium from the tank. While the high-pitched voice the gas causes may be funny, inhaling helium can be incredibly dangerous. Helium is a substance that can displace oxygen. Therefore, inhaling large amounts of helium can cause suffocation when used in high concentrations. So, even though helium inhalation can be a little funny, this is not a problem you want to encounter when you prepare for a party. Better to enjoy the helium benefits inside a balloon instead.



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