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How To Read Your Sewing Patterns? Check Out Our Useful Guide Below!

Reading sewing patterns can be incredibly confusing to a beginner. There are a bunch of symbols and terms you are not yet familiar with, which can put you off in the process. To help you get started with patterns and create your own clothing or other sewing projects, we have created a useful guide to answering some of the common questions associated with sewing patterns.

How Can I Get A Better Overview Of The Garment?

When you look at the photographs displayed on a pattern, you can find that the actual drawn version on the pattern looks considerably different. However, getting the best overview of your project can only be done by looking at the line drawings, as this provides you with a better idea of the lines of your design.

Some patterns provide more than one variant of a certain garment - this may not be displayed on the photographs on the front of your pattern. So, always check the line drawings for more details before you get started on a specific garment.

How Do I Determine The Sewing Level Of A Pattern?

Being a beginner means you will have to find some patterns that are relatively easy to work with. Of course, when you are looking at a large catalogue with countless patterns, you may feel a little discouraged.

The beauty about paper patterns is that they are marked with some key terms referring to the pattern inside. For example, patterns for beginners often include the words "easy" or "easy to sew" on the front of the pattern. You can also get patterns for specific fabrics - these could be marked with terms such as "knits only".

Finally, when you select a pattern as a beginner, choose a pattern with a minimal amount of pattern pieces. Therefore, it is best to avoid anything with collars, facing, or cuffs until you become a little more proficient.

Which Fabric Should I Use For My Pattern?

One of the best things about a pattern is that it contains fabric recommendations! More advanced crafters can often choose another fabric as recommended, as they have some additional experience that enables them to determine good alternative options. Of course, if you are a beginner, using the fabric recommendations is certainly recommended.

Cannot get the recommended fabric for whatever reason? If so, try to choose a fabric consisting of the same materials and the same weight. You can also choose a different material, providing it has similar properties and weight as the recommended fabric.

How Many Metres Of Fabric Do I Need?

The metres of fabric you will need to make your garment will be mentioned in your pattern. The pattern will provide you with the estimated fabric amount based on your measurements. So, make sure you have the measurements on hand before you order fabric.

Beginners do have to consider that not all patterns will incorporate fabric shrinkage. To prepare your fabric, you will have to wash it before you start sewing. Naturally, the process of washing your fabric can make the fabric shrink somewhat. If this is not considered in the pattern, it is best to add 10% additional fabric to your order.

What Is The Purpose Of The Pattern Layout?

Beginners should always refer to the pattern layout before they start cutting fabric. By looking at the fabric layout, you can determine each of the individual pieces you will need for a garment or an accessory.

Most paper patterns you obtain will also include templates. These templates can be traced on your fabric, as they provide you with each of the individual pieces you need and their exact measurements. So, be sure to use the templates and trace them before cutting your fabric.

Which Patterns Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight has one of the largest collections of patterns for crafters. Not only do we provide patterns for garments, we also have dedicated patterns for accessories, home decorations, and everything else you can make through sewing. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, you will always find a pattern to match your skill level at Spotlight. Check out the extensive collection today and benefit from our sharp pricing policy.



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