Patterns & Books

Patterns & Books

Need inspiration for your next project and some guidance about what design you should use.

Then have a browse through our range of pattern books which will help you to choose what your next project will be.

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  • Vogue V8633 Misses' Dress

    Vogue V8633 Misses' Dress

    Close-fitting dresses A,B,C,D,E,F have lined bodice with darts, raised neckline with front slit, extended shoulders, inset and back zipper closing. A,F: short sleeves. B,C,D,E: sleeveless. A,B,C: straight skirt. D,E,F: flared skirt.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8792 Misses' Top

    Vogue V8792 Misses' Top

    Pullover top has neck band and seam detail. A,B and C: bias, loose-fitting, front extends to upper back, back extends to upper front, no shoulder/side seams, and stitched hem. D,E and F: close-fitting, bias lower front/lower back, raw edge finish and stitched hem on sleeves. Front and back cut on cr...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8824 Misses' Petite Dress

    Vogue V8824 Misses' Petite Dress

    Semi-fitted, pullover dress has low neckline and narrow hems. B: stitched hem on sleeves.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8849 Misses' Petite Dress

    Vogue V8849 Misses' Petite Dress

    Lined dress has close-fitting bodice with princess seams, semi-fitted skirt, and invisible back zipper. B: shoulder straps. D,E: bodice overlay. E: skirt overlay. A,D,F: pleated peplum (wrong side shows) with very narrow hem. D,E,F: upper sections. Custom fit for A, B, C, D cup sizes.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8857 Misses' Blouse & Tunic

    Vogue V8857 Misses' Blouse & Tunic

    Fitted blouse or tunic has front tucks/button band, shaped hemline, and narrow hem. A,B,C: bias neck binding extends into tie ends, flounces (wrong side show), with unfinished hem. A and D: stitched hem on sleeves. E and F: pleated sleeves. B,C,E,F: seam opening on sleeves with button cuff, thread l...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V1347 Misses' Shirt & Pants

    Vogue V1347 Misses' Shirt & Pants

    Very loose-fitting shirt has collar, bands (collar, front, back and sleeve), no shoulder seams, yoke front and back cut-in-one with sleeve, undersleeve, sleeve flounce, side slits, flat-fell seams, and narrow hems. Sleeve, front and back bands extend into tie ends. Back and lower front and back band...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8886 Misses' Top Dress & Pants

    Vogue V8886 Misses' Top Dress & Pants

    Fitted, lined top or dress has collar and princess seam. Semi-fitted, tapered pants have contour waist. A,B and C: back zipper. Custom Fit for A, B, C, D cup sizes.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8895 Misses' Dress

    Vogue V8895 Misses' Dress

    Dress has semi-fitted, pleated bodice, lined midriff, flared skirt, side pockets, back zipper and narrow hem. A: pleated sleeve cap, and bodice and sleeves cut on crosswise grain. Purchased bias tape finishes neckline. A,B and armholes B. A, B, C, D cup sizes. Includes separate pattern pieces for A/...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8905 Misses' Top

    Vogue V8905 Misses' Top

    Pullover top has narrow hem. A and B: fitted, centre seams are stitched on the right side of fabric. C: loose-fitting, cut on crosswise grain. A,B,C: stitching lines form sleeve openings, wrong side shows on hemline, and centre seams A,B. A and C: shoulder openings, purchased bias tape to finish ope...

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8919 Misses' Dress

    Vogue V8919 Misses' Dress

    Pullover dress (close-fitting through bust) has seam detail, and stitched hems. B: side pockets and narrow hem. For moderate stretch knits only.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8920 Misses' Petite Dress

    Vogue V8920 Misses' Petite Dress

    Pullover, lined dress (close-fitting through bust) has neck band, side front and side back seams, side godets, and narrow hem. A and B: raw edge finish on sleeve hems. B: hem band. For two-way stretch knits only.

    Reg: RM89.99

  • Vogue V8921 Misses' Dress

    Vogue V8921 Misses' Dress

    Dress has fitted bodice with waist and front shoulder pleats, and back zipper. Necklines, drape B, sleeves B and C: narrow hem. For moderate stretch knits only.

    Reg: RM89.99

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Can I purchase patterns and pattern books at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Spotlight offers a wide range of paper patterns for all types of sewing projects including clothing for men, women and kids, as well as baby and toddler patterns, and special patterns for pets (clothing, toys and baskets), soft toys, play items and fancy-dress costumes. You can also find pattern books in the range for sewing projects including dressmaking and quilting, and many home projects.

What is included in dressmaking patterns?

Contents of patterns can vary depending on the item, but usually you will receive a number of sheets of thin tracing paper with all the necessary pieces of the pattern marked out on them, as well as advice on the amount and type of fabric needed for the garment, any extras or accessories needed (for instance buttons, zips, interfacing fabric, etc.) and step-by-step instructions on how to cut, pin and sew the item you have chosen.

Is it easy to use a paper pattern?

That depends a bit on the pattern you have chosen. If you are new to sewing or dressmaking, you may want to start with something relatively simple such as an A-line skirt or a sleeveless top to get familiar with the process. It is important to always cut all pieces of your pattern along the same colour or type of line, as there are usually several sizes provided on the same pattern. Other tricks include making sure you have the pieces laid out in the right direction – especially important with patterned fabrics – and that you cut pieces out as many times as stated on the pattern. Often, patterns will contain helpful diagrams that show you how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric for best results.

What else is included in the range of patterns and books?

If you love vintage clothing, you should check out the fabulous vintage dressmaking pattern books available here at Spotlight. With great illustrations and clear instructions, you will be able to create stylish cocktail dresses, petticoat skirts and elegant evening wear.

Does Spotlight offer homeware patterns too?

Yes, you will be amazed at the variety of patterns on offer, ranging from a simple cushion cover to intricate roman blinds and other window treatments, as well as many useful storage items, play sets for kids, and great everyday items such as cushion covers, placemats, kitchen aprons and more. Also included are patterns for Christmas decorations, and lots of cute baby essentials including bedding, window treatments and storage items.

What else do I need to know about this range?

As well as many standard clothing patterns for babies, toddlers, kids, men and women, the Spotlight pattern collections also includes plus-size patterns, petite patterns and maternity wear patterns, and many patterns for special clothing such as workwear, theatre and fancy-dress costumes and more. Craft patterns are also included, from laptop bags to stuffed toys and doll’s outfits.

Remember that Spotlight also stocks all your sewing essentials and a huge range of colourful fabrics for all types of sewing projects including dressmaking, interiors, crafts and more.

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