Valentines Balloon Project



  • Love heart shaped foil balloons
  • Cricut vinyl roll in rose gold
  • Cricut machine


Step 1- Choose your colour scheme of love heart shaped foil balloons and have then blown up at your local spotlight store.

Step 2 - Decide on the words/sayings you want your balloons to say.

Step 3 - Using the Cricut app or design space on your desktop, pick a font and type out your chosen words. There are plenty of free fonts to choose from we used Cricut Font & Basic Shapes

Step 4 - You may want to test cutting out your letters onto paper first to ensure the letters are the right size for your balloon.

Step 5 - Once you are happy with the shape and size of your words you can cut them out of the vinyl. Cut a piece of vinyl the size of your Cricut matt and ensure it is stuck down smoothly onto the matt.

Step 6 - Load into your circuit machine and ensure you have selected the vinyl setting in the cutting options and cut out.

Step 7 - Repeat this process with each balloon words until they are all cut out.

Step 8 - Carefully remove the letters from the vinyl and stick onto your balloons. You can remove them off the balloon if you have stuck it in the wrong place but just be very careful as the vinyl can easily tear.

Step 9 - Smooth letters onto the balloon as you stick down, there is a bit of a curve to the faec of the balloon so ensure there are not bubbles or creases in your letters.

Step 10 - Once all your letters are stuck down your balloons are ready to display or give to your Valentine!



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