Scrunchie & Eye Mask Set Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:



  • Eye mask pattern pieces in your main fabric, snipping the notches x 2
  • Eye mask pattern piece in wadding x 1
  • Cut a rectangular strip for the elastic strap 8cm x 40cm
  • Cut elastic strip around 35cm long depending on head size
  • Eyelids x 4
  • Eyelids in interfacing x 4
  • Strips of eyelashes 6cm long


Step 1 - Fold and press the elastic cover strip in half lengthways, right sides together. Pin and sew with a 1cm seam. Turn the fabric tube right side out. and press.

Step 2 - Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic, to help feed it through the fabric tube. Make sure you hang on to the other end. distributing the fabric evenly as it starts to gather up.

Step 3 - Iron on the 4 interfacing cut outs to wrong side of the eye lid pieces.

Step 4 - Pin with right sides of the fabric together and sew around outer top edge with a 0.5cm seam leaving bottom straight edge open, fold through and press

Step 5 - Fold under and press 0.5cm along the straight bottom edge. Top stitch along straight bottom. Pin and sew on eye lashes.

Step 6 - Pin and sew eyelid to the eye mask 3cm down from the top 2-3cm in from outer edge.

Step 7 - Pin and stay stitch elastic back strap to eye mask at notches. Make sure the tube isn't twisted.

Step 8 - Lay the eye mask piece together, right sides facing. Pin around outside edge, matching the notches. The elastic tube will be sandwiched in the middle. Start sewing at the top of the mask with a 1cm seam, leave an opening between the two notches -Backstitch the beginning and end. Cut small snips around mask, make sure you do not cut the stitching. This will prevent some bulk when turning right side out.

Step 9 - Turn the eye mask right side out through the opening and press. Rolling the seam slightly under towards the inside of the mask so it's not visible from the right side of the mask.

Step 10 - Slip the wadding into the eye mask through the opening and smooth it out. Press the seam allowances on the opening to the inside of the mask and pin the opening closed.

Step 11 - Finish off by top stitching around the whole outer edge.


Step 1 - Cut a strip of fabric 50cm long by 12cm wide

Step 2 - Fold in half lengthways, with the right sides together. Sew together lengthways with a 1cm seam allowance.

Step 3 - Turn the fabric tube right side out.

Step 4 - Iron your fabric tube flat. Cut a piece of elastic around 20cm long.

Step 5 - Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic, to help feed it through the fabric tube. Make sure you hang on to the other end.

Step 6 - Pull the fabric back so that you can now easily tie the two ends of the elastic together, to form a loop.

Step 7 - Push one open end of the fabric inside the other, and fold over the fabric



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