Fleecy Toddler Beanie Project



  • Printed Polar Fleece - 20cm
  • Plain Polar Fleece - 10cm
  • Black Polar Fleece - craft square
  • White Polar Fleece - craft square &bull


Step 1 - Using the beanie stencil, cut 2 pieces of printed fleece.

Step 2 - Cut the band 7cm x 42cm from plain polar fleece.

Step 3 - Using the ear stencil, cut out 4 x ears from the black craft square. Place 2 x pieces right sides together, stitch around the curved edge, securing the ends. Turn right side out and zig zag stitch across the opening. Repeat for the other ear.

Step 4 - Iron a 10cm square piece of Heat n Bond to the back of the black craft square; iron a 5cm square of Heat n Bond to the back of the white craft square. Use the stencils to draw the eyes and nose pieces onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond. Cut out the pieces. Remove the paper from the back of each piece and iron in place on the beanie front. Place a 20cm square piece of tearaway stabilizer underneath the beanie front and satin stitch the eyes and nose in place with matching thread.

Step 5 - Pin the 2 x ears in the appropriate place on the beanie with the bottom edge flush with the outside edge of the beanie, and stitch in place.

Step 6 - Place beanie back face down on top of beanie front, pin around curved edge, then stitch, leaving the bottom straight edge open. Turn right side out.

Step 7 - Stitch the short ends of the band together, making a circle. Fold the band in half lengthwise and pin the raw edges to the outside lower edge of the beanie. Flip the band down.

Note - This template has been scaled. You will need to print this template at actual size and blow it up by 285% to make it full size.



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