Fleece Headbands Project

Level: Easy


  • Fleece fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine and matching thread


Step 1 - Cut out two rectangles that measure 12cm x 53cm and two rectangles that measure 5cm x 10cm.

Step 2 - Place the two larger rectangles together with the right sides facing in. Pin and sew along the longer sides, sewing with a 1cm seam allowance. You should end up with a tube, turn it right side out.

Step 3 - Now take the smaller rectangle pieces and repeat step 2. Pin and sew along the longer sides, sewing 1cm inch from the edge. Now you should have a really small tube, turn it right side out.

Step 4 - Fold the smaller tube in half, placing the open ends together. Pin and sew along that edge, sewing 1cm from the edge. Turn the little ring right side out so that the open ends are on the inside. These will be hidden once you're finished.

Step 5 - Now it's time to assemble. Pinch one of the ends of bigger rectangle piece and slide the smaller tube over the larger rectangle and somewhere into the middle.

Step 6 - Fold the larger rectangle in half so the raw edges meet. Pin and sew together with a 1cm seam allowance. You can stitch down the seam allowance if you like but all of this will be hidden in the smaller tube.

Step 7 - Now slide the smaller tube to sit on top of the seam just sewn in Step 6, this will hide all the seam lines. Play with the larger rectangle to create nice folds in the fleece and create a bow like shape.

Optional: use a needle and thread to tuck the smaller rectangle ring onto the fleece to hold in place.



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