Duck & Calico Toy Organiser Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • 90cm Calico x .9m
  • 112cm printed cotton duck fabric x .5m (print one)
  • 112cm printed Cotton Duck fabric x .5m (print two)
  • Light/Medium weight fusible wadding x .5m
  • Gutermann Sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Ruler/tape measure
  • Piece of wood dowel x .4m



Step 1 - Cut two backing pieces from calico and one from wadding each measuring 44cm wide by 83cm high.

Step 2 - Fuse wadding to back of one of the calico backing pieces.


Step 1 - Cut 4 x 13cm squares from print two. With right sides facing, fold each of the squares in half and sew side edges. Turn the tabs right way out and press flat. Top stitch along both side edges 5mm in from sides. Fold each tab over and baste raw edges together to create a loop.

Step 2 - Pin the raw edges of tab loop to the top edge of the right side of the padded backing piece of calico spacing the two side tabs 1.5cm in from each side edge with the remaining two tabs spaced evenly between approximately 6cm apart from each other. Baste tabs in place 1cm in from top edge.


Step 1 - Cut one piece from each of print one and two each measuring 44cm high x 44cm wide.

Step 2 - Press under 1cm along the base edge of the two cut pocket pieces. With wrong sides to the inside, fold the top edge of each pocket down to meet the inside of the pressed folded base edge. Pin base edges together.

Step 3 - Press the top edge of folded pockets then top stitch across pocket 1cm in from press folded edge.

Step 4 - Pin the pocket made in fabric 2 to the padded calico backing piece with the base of this pocket approximately 2.5cm above the top edge of the bottom pocket already sewn to the backing piece.

Step 5 - Repeat to pin the remaining pocket piece above the previous. Adjust spacing of pockets if desired. Once you're happy with the positioning of pockets, sew pockets to the backing by sewing the two side edges 1cm in from the side edges and along the base of the pocket 5mm up from the base pressed edge of pockets.

TIPS - To create pocket dividers, sew a vertical line of stitching up the height of the pockets.


Step 1 - With right sides facing, place the back of the calico backing piece on top of the front padded backing piece with pockets. Ensuring the tabs are facing down in between the two layers, pin together backings along the top and side edges. Sew together with a 15mm seam allowance leaving the base edges open. Trim seams and cut corners and turn right way out through the base opening.

Step 2 - Press base seam allowances to the inside and press all edges. Top stitching around all edges of the organizer 1cm in from the edges ensuring the opening at the base is secured within stitching. Press flat.

Step 3 - Complete your organizer by inserting dowel through hanging tabs.



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