Cord Organiser Project

Level: Easy


  • Arbee Thick Felt 3mm A3 sheet (Charcoal or Grey Marle)
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • 30cm Francis Leatherette
  • Scissors
  • Birch Press Stud & Tool kit 15 pack
  • Cardbaord and pencil to create pattern


Step 1 - On your card draw a rectangle 32cm x 20cm wide to create the main body of the organiser. There is no seam allowance on this piece as it has a raw edge when finished. Draw another rectangle to create the pocket at one end of the organiser. This will be 20cm wide (the same as the body piece) and the pocket height is 10cm. Add 2cm seam allowance to the top edge of your pocket so the pattern piece should be 20cm x 12cm in total. And lastly draw a rectangle for the strap that measures 40cm x 2cm, again, this piece will have no seam allowance.

Step 2 - On the main body piece you need to create 6 cuts through the centre for the strap to thread through. Measure the centre of the body piece and measure and mark 3cm, 6cm, 8cm, 11cm, 13cm and 16cm along the line. Then draw a 2cm line horizontally through those markers, this will show you were to create the cut line. Use a Stanley knife or sharp scissors to cut through the pattern.

Step 3 - Once all your pattern pieces have been made. Trace and cut out the body piece and strap from the felt and the pocket piece from the leather. Use a Stanley knife or sharp scissors to cut through the strap lines on the main body.

Step 3 - Thread the strap piece through the main body of the felt. Pin the bottom of the strap to the main body below where the pocket will sit. Stitch in place.

Step 4 - Insert the press studs onto both ends of the strap following the instructions on the kit.

Step 5 - Now take the pocket piece and fold over the 2cm seam allowance at the top to create the pocket hem and top stitch in place.

Step 6 - To finish place pocket onto felt body right side up and topstitch together with a 3mm seam allowance. Your felt organiser is now ready!



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