Cat Meow Project



  • Fabrics are from 'Camelot Cat' range
  • 1.5m Fabric A - Felines in Bali, turquoise (main)
  • 1.5m Fabric B - Cat Faces, turquoise (lining)
  • 40cm Fabric C - Cat Cluster, black (cushion)
  • 40cm Fabric D - Cat Play, black (cushion)
  • 1.5m Birch Foam Fusible Interfacing
  • Matching Gutermann 100% cotton thread
  • Optional - Rotary cutter, mat & quilters rulers
  • Pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Point turner or wooden chopstick
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine with 1/4" foot
  • Optional - *Sew Easy Quilters Holding Clips or Wonder Clips

Note: All fabrics should be 100% cotton, washed & pressed. 1/4" seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.



  • Cut one front, one back and one base from each of Fabrics A & B.
  • Cut one cushion from each of Fabrics C & D.
  • Cut one front, one back, one base and two cushions from foam interfacing.

Note -Trim 1/4" from base and sides and top of front and back foam pieces and 1/2" from the bottom edge and the centre opening. Trim 1/2" from around the edge of the foam cushion pieces.

Step 1. Outer - Fuse front and back foam interfacing to the wrong side of the Fabric A pieces ensuring the foam is 1/4" in from top and side edges and 1/2" up from the bottom edges. Centre the foam base on the wrong side of the Fabric A base and fuse.

Step 2.Turn the fabric over the edge of the front opening to the inside and pin (or use wonder clips*). Topstitch close to the edge.

Step 3.Pin front to back with right sides facing and sew together using a 1/4" seam allowance, sewing only on the fabric close to the foam. Trim fabric from top of ears and turn right side out using point turner or chopstick to gently push out ears. Press.

Step 4.To sew the base to the bottom edge, mark the base at each side and at centre front and centre back. Working on one section at a time and with fabric rights together, pin the first quarter of the base to the bottom edge. Sew using a 1/4" seam allowance, sewing only on the fabric close to the foam on the base (1/2" was trimmed from the foam along the bottom edge of front and back to make this step easier). Continue to pin and sew around each quarter working around the base to complete the outer. Press.

Step 5.Lining - Turn the edge of the Fabric B front opening to the inside, pin then topstitch close to the edge. Pin Fabric B front and back pieces together right sides facing. Sew together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Attach the base as for the outer working on one quarter at a time. Trim fabric from top of ears and press leaving wrong side facing.

Step 6.Insert lining into the outer through front opening (wrong sides facing) and push lining up into ears using tool or chopstick. Push base into edges and pin lining and outer together around the front opening. Topstitch together close to the edge of if preferred hand sew together using a slipstitch.

Step 7.Cushion - Centre one foam cushion on the wrong side of Fabrics C and D base and fuse. With fabrics right sides facing pin together around the edge. Leaving a 6" opening along one side sew fabrics together around the edge using 1/2" seam allowance, sewing only on the fabric close to the foam.

Step 8.Turn right side out and press in seam allowance. Hand sew opening closed. Optional - Topstitch around the cushion 1/8" from the edge. Place cushion into cat pod.



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