Bluey Floor Mat Project



Note - 1/4" seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.


Step 1 - From Easy Trace interfacing cut a 130cm length x width (100cm). From remainder cut a 100cm x 30cm strip and a 30cm x 30cm square. Join together using masking tape to make a 30cm x 130cm strip. Attach this strip to the right-hand edge of the large piece to make a 130cm x130 cm square.

Step 2 - Starting in top left corner and using a ruler divide into 9 x 16" squares, 3 across x 3 down. Trim excess from right-hand side and bottom edge.

Step 3 - Mark the centre point on the inside edges of each square. Place centre of the straight edge of the template on the centre of squares as shown by dots on the diagram and trace around template. Number squares 1-9 and carefully cut out all pieces of the puzzle.


Step 4 - Cut one each of pattern pieces 1, 5 and 9 from Fabric A. Cut one each of pattern pieces 3 and 7 from Fabric B.

Step 5 - Cut one each of pattern pieces 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 and from Fabric E. pattern pieces 3 and 7 from Fabric B.

Step 6 - Cut two each of pattern pieces 2 and 8 from Fabric C. Cut two each of pattern pieces 4 and 6 from Fabric D.

Step 7 - Layout all pieces in order with their matching piece e.g. piece1 - Fabric A and Fabric E.


Step 8 - To make cushions, pin matching pieces together with right sides facing and sew together around the edge leaving a 5" opening in one straight side. Clip around curves and into corners, turn right side out and press well. Press seam in opening.

Step 9 - Repeat for all nine cushions.

Step 10 - Stuff the cushions using Hobby Fill pushing fill into points and jigsaw shapes. A smoother finish is achieved by adding small amounts of stuffing at a time, too much at once will result in lumpy cushions. Don't overstuff. Continue until cushion has desired fullness making sure the stuffing is evenly distributed. Hand sew opening closed.



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