Paper Hydrangeas Project



  • Fiskars Lia Griffiths Hydrangea Flower Punch
  • Crafters Choice Paper Pad Pastel Colours 30x30cm
  • American Crafts Cardstock Spinach Colour
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Shamrock Deco Foam balls in a selection of sizes (we used 75mm & 100mm)
  • Floral Stem Wire Green
  • Floral Tape or Regular Sticky Tape


Using the flower punch, cut out flower shapes in a range of pink, blue, grey and purple coloured paper.

You'll need to use approximately 2 sheets of 30x30cm paper for enough flower shapes to cover 1 deco foam ball.

Heat your hot glue gun in preparation for sticking flower shapes to deco foam. Before sticking the flower shape to the deco foam, slightly close the flower with petals facing into the centre, this will make it easier to glue them onto the deco foam ball.

Using the hot glue gun, stick flowers all over the deco foam ball, making sure coloured paper side is facing up and that you alternate flower colours. Stick flowers almost side by side, so there is very little deco foam surface showing. Mixing the flower shape colours gives your Hydrangea a more realistic appearance.

Once complete, stick the hydrangea onto floral stem wire (the wire should pierce through the deco foam). You can also glue the wire into the deco foam, making it more secure. Cut out large leaf shapes in cardstock, leaving a long point about 3cm at the beginning of each leaf (so you can stick it onto the wire stem). Cut small points onto each side of the leaf, like a real hydrangea leaf. Then using floral tape, or regular tape, tape the leaves to the wire stem.

Repeat the above steps to create more Hydrangeas.



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