Origami Cranes Bell Jar Project

Level: Easy

What You'll Need:


18 sts x 24 rows to 10cm over stocking st, using 4mm needles.


Step 1: Setting Up

  • For the 1L jar, we have made 18 origami birds. Depending on the size of your jar you can vary the quantity of your birds
  • Decide the colours you want your birds to be and put them together
  • Cut the paper into 6 x 6in squares and for smaller birds make them 4 x 4in.
  • Cut 6 threads of 20cm length

Step 2: Making Origami Birds

  • Fold the top point of the paper down to the bottom point and crease well
  • Fold the top edge down about halfway.
  • Flip the paper over to the other side.
  • Fold one layer of the front flap up, from about the middle of the section behind.
  • Fold the left section over to the right, aligning the wings together.
  • Fold the right section back over to the left, leaving a gap. Notice the triangular section aligns with the edge underneath.
  • lip the paper over to the other side from left to right.
  • Fold the left section over to align with the right section.
  • Now you can create a beak shape for the origami bird
  • Fold a 'beak shape' over.
  • Open the beak shape out and reverse fold it inside.
  • Flatten the head and beak and the origami bird is complete.

Step 3: Putting Jar Together

  • Repeat Step 2 18 times to get 18 birds.
  • Thread 3 birds onto each of the 6 threads, using glue gun.
    One bird will be glued to the bottom, one in the middle and the one roughly 6 to 10 cm from the top.
  • Use varying positions of the birds to create an even spread.
  • If using beads, then thread the beads and then using glue guns stick them to the base thread.
  • Now on the lid, mark 6 points where you would like to glue your threads.
  • Carefully glue all threads and close the lid

Your bird Mason jar is ready!



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