Crafty Laminate Smock Project



  • 1.5m Crafty Laminate, Camo
  • 60cm Prima Homespun, Pesto
  • 12mm x 5m Bias Binding, black
  • 6mm x 8m Braided Elastic, white
  • Matching Gutermann 100% cotton thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat and quilters rulers
  • Quilting pins, tape measure
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Hand needle
  • Safety pin or flexible bodkin for inserting elastic
  • Sewing machine with 1/4 inch foot and walking foot

Note: 1/4 inch seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated. Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.



  • From Camo Crafty Laminate fabric cut one front (on the fold) and one back (on the fold) using patterns provided and one 13" x 8" rectangle for the pocket.
  • From pesto homespun cut 2 sleeves using pattern provided.
  • From pesto homespun cut 2" wide strips for neck casing.


1. For the pocket, bind all four edges of Crafty Laminate rectangle.

2. Centre pocket on the front 2 1/4" up from the bottom edge. Sew down each side edge and across the bottom edge to secure the pocket to the front, leaving top edge open.

Note - Top of sleeves form part of neckline.

3. With right sides facing sew one sleeve to one edge of back. Repeat to sew the other sleeve to the other edge of the back.

4. With right sides facing sew sleeve to one edge of front. Repeat to sew the other edge of the front to the remaining side of sleeve. Overlock or zigzag seams.

5. With front and back right sides facing, sew together down sides and along sleeve seams. Overlock or zigzag seams.

6. Measure neck edge and add 1/2" . Cut 2" homespun strip to required length, if joining strips sew together on the bias. Sew to right side of neck edge. Fold strip to the inside, turn under edge and stitch down leaving 1" unstitched to insert elastic. . Cut a length of elastic that fits easily over childs head. Thread elastic through casing, overlap ends and stitch. Sew opening closed.

7. To double hem end of sleeve fold under 1/4" to wrong side then fold under another ½" and press. Topstitch close to the fold leaving 1" unstitched to insert elastic. Repeat for other sleeve. Measure child&rsquos wrist, add 1" for overlap and cut. Thread elastic into hem, overlap ends and stitch. Sew opening closed. Repeat for other sleeve.

8. Use bias binding to bind bottom edge of art smock.



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