Safari Face Paint Project

Level: Easy


  • Face paint
  • Brushes
  • Black eye pencil


Step 1 - Using the yellow face paint, paint around the eyes and down to the mouth leaving the middle of the face blank.

Step 2 - Using the brown face paint, paint on the giraffe 'horns'. To do this, draw two circles and then a vertical line to the head.

Step 3 - Use light upward strokes to draw in the tuft of hair between the horns.

Step 4 - Using the black pencil, outline the horns and the top of the yellow to form the ears.

Step 5 - Use the brown face paint to draw two lines inside the giraffe ears for dimension.

Step 6 - Use the black pencil again to outline the yellow to shape the nose. Draw in the nostrils.

Step 7 - Use the black face paint in fine strokes to draw in the eyelashes at the corner of the eye.

Step 8 - Use the brown face paint to add a line under the eyes for definition.

Step 9 - Still using the brown face paint, draw different sized triangle shapes for the giraffe markings. Outline these in black to add dimension.

Step 10 - Use the black face paint to make fluffy lines around the bottom of the nose.

Step 11 - With the yellow face paint, draw a thin yellow line down the neck and outline with the black pencil.

Step 12 - Using the brown face paint, make the same brown markings down the giraffe neck. Outline in black. Handy hint - Use a brush to get good coverage with cream paints



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