Prima Patchwork Fabric Mask Project



  • 6-piece Prima Homespun Bundle blue or pink
  • Matching Gutermann 100% cotton thread
  • 20cm x 30cm Fusible Woven Interfacing per mask
  • Card/template plastic for pattern
  • Fabric marker
  • 3mm x 5m Birch Braided elastic x 1 packet
  • Small safety pin
  • Rotary cutter
  • Mat
  • Quilters rulers
  • Quilting pins
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Hand needle
  • Sewing machine with 1/4" foot


All fabrics should washed & pressed.

1/4" seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.


Trace included templates for both Medium & Large size masks or size required onto card or template plastic and cut out.



Medium size mask

Step 1 - From the Prima Bundle (pink or blue) select the lightest fabric and set aside for lining.

Step 2 - From remaining fabrics select a light (L), medium (M) and dark (D) fabric for the outer mask and press. Cut 4 x 1½" strips from each fabric. Sew strips together in a strip set as follows - L, M, D, L, M, D, L, M and press seams open.

Step 3 - Crosscut strip set into 12 x 1½" strips. From one end of 6 strips remove one light square for Set 1, and from the other 6 strips remove one medium square for Set 2.

Step 4 - Sew strips together alternating sets and matching seams. Press seams open.

Step 5 - Centre the fusible woven interfacing on the wrong side of the patchwork fabric and fuse.



Step 6 - Position your mask template on the right side of the patchwork fabric aligning front curve of mask to right-hand side of centre seam as in diagram. Trace around the edge. Flip template over and create a mirror image on the left side of the centre seam. Curved edges should not be touching. Cut out left and right sides of outer mask.

Step 7 - To create the casing for elastic take the medium pink strip left over from Step 2 and cut into 2 x 4" lengths. Sew one length to the short straight edge of each cut out mask. Press seam towards strip. Press the fabric set aside in Step 1 for lining. Fold fabric in half, place template on top, trace around the edge and cut out.


Step 8 - Pin outer patchwork pieces together along the curved edge. Sew together. Repeat with the lining fabric pieces. Press seams in opposite directions.

Step 9 - Place patchwork outer and lining right sides together, matching centre seams. Pin together along top curved edge and sew. Pin bottom straight edges together and sew. Press well.

Step 10 - Turn the mask right side out through one open end and press. Topstitch close to the edge along top and bottom edges.

Step 11 - To make the channel for elastic press edge of strip at open end ¼" to wrong side then fold over ½" onto lining and press. Topstitch to form channel. Cut 2 x 21cm lengths of elastic. Using safety pin thread elastic through channel, overlap ends and zigzag or hand stitch to secure.



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